History of Hoover-Minthorn & the Museum

Learn about the history of Herbert Hoover and the Hoover-Minthorn House Museum in Newberg, Oregon.

Early Oregon and Settlement of Newberg

Explore important dates in the Pacific Northwest & Oregon from 1500-1885, Quaker Settlement of Newberg, Jesse Edwards and Building of the Museum House, and Pacific Friends Academy.

Herbert Hoover

Dive into Herbert Hoover’s upbringing, his young life, and how he became the 31st President of The United States.

The Minthorn Family

Learn more about Dr. Henry John Minthorn’s life, his relationships, and the entire Minthorn family.

Forest Grove Indian Training School

Learn more about The Forest Grove School, the second off-reservation boarding school in the United States, founded in 1880.

Additional Resources to Learn More

Find resources on Herbert Hoover, Indian Boarding Schools, Forest Grove, and Kalapuya, as well as things to do in Newberg, Oregon.